We want to bring added value to all parts in the supply chain.

We have extensive expertise within import, export, customs duties, product knowledge, and logistics. This expertise and consistently high quality throughout the entire transaction process helps give both our producers and customers an extra competitive edge.

Our services

Full transparency for both the producer and customer

Focus on sustainability and social responsibility

A direct link to the market for the producer

Many years’ experience

Expertise within our key areas

Passionate about making a difference

No expensive middlemen

Strategic foresight

Process support in relation to continuous development of CSR policies

Market knowledge (retail, food service, industry, and institutions)

Strategic collaboration partner for the customer

Bridge builder between different cultures

Logistics and delivery

The international trading conditions are rapidly and constantly changing, which has a significant impact on the final commercial transaction in the form of political decisions, import duties, exchange rates, trade or import restrictions, etc.

DK Food Brokers’ core competency is securing all trade processes from the product’s production site to the product’s delivery at the customer’s desired location. We can do this due to our extensive experience with the international trading market, where we have had lots of practice in reacting quickly and efficiently to changing situations and finding optimal solutions for our customers. This includes whole or partial deliveries, labelling, product price and quality, and punctual delivery.