Supplier of canned seafood products as well as by-products and fresh meat.

DK Food Brokers is a professional and innovative company that supplies canned seafood as well as meat and by-products to the global market. The company was founded in the year 2014 by Michael Hausgaard Dahl and Nicolai Korup Thomsen, who each have more than 25 years of experience within the food industry.

We act as a direct representative of carefully selected producers.

Canned seafood

Our passion extends to continuously develop and innovate new products.

Pork, beef & veal

We produce byproducts of pork, beef and veal for worldwide export.


Because we care about more than just our high quality products.

International trade conditions are changing rapidly and constantly.

We are the producers’ extended arm with a global reach.

As a direct representative of the producer, we ensure 100% transparency between the producing unit and the customer.

The advantage of our close and long term relation with the producers, results in direct control and influence on the product quality, branding, and logistics, enabling us to comply with customer requirements.

DK Food Brokers is a reliable and loyal partner with high integrity, that continuously develops networks in the global market for our partners.