Our producers are a guarantee for quality products.

We provide products that are tailored and produced according to the customers’ requirements. For several years, we have helped our producers building their organisation and production standards to meet the increasing requirements in the global market.
We understand the importance of producing a quality product that reflects the brands our customers are selling in their market. Therefore we take pride in each and every brand we get the chance to produce and supply, and make sure they are produced to our customers satisfaction.
Our producers are quality certified with BRC and IFS.

Passion for product development.

We want to bring added value to all parts in the supply chain. We do this by offering the right product quality at the right price, as well as focusing on a continuous development in our product assortment. We use our experience from markets worldwide, to advise and guide our customers to choose the correct quality and specifications for their specific brands. This is real value..

We can tell you a lot about quality, but our certifications speak a clearer language.

They prove the excellent quality of our products, according to test criteria that correspond to the EU standard.